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Taking steps to unlock Healthy High Performance


About Us


Our Story

Next Brave Move is a consultancy on a mission to reimagine work-life for good. Fuelled by curiosity and driven to create impact, we are exploring the relationships people have with their work; and how both individuals and organisations can create and maintain Healthy High Performance while avoiding exhaustion and burnout.

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Our Work-Life-Lab

We launched our 'Work-Life-Lab' in 2023 to grow our knowledge and ensure that our future offerings are grounded in evidence and drive positive change. Phase one of our lab, which explores the work-life stories of individuals is in full-swing and phase two, coming soon, will bring in the perspectives of organisations. 

Our Storytelling Tool

Our Storytelling Tool, the first release from our Work-Life-Lab, is designed to create a reflective space for individuals to share the profile of their work-life story. Collection of a high volume of stories will enable us to learn more about the diversity of work-life experiences and ultimately build valuable services.

Where appropriate, we also intend to undertake a series of follow-up qualitative interviews to gain deeper insights about specific experiences.

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