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The world of work has changed beyond recognition, it's time for a significant shift

Brave Moves

Workplace change has been driven by multiple factors including the rise of the digital age, globalisation, the promotion of diversity in the workplace, and shifting expectations of both employers and employees around the ways in which they work. Whilst some organisations and their people have thrived despite these changes, others have found it more challenging to adapt, which has often been accompanied by a rise in employee burnout (now recognised by the World Health Organisation as an "occupational phenomenon”). In our work within Psychology & Coaching we saw many talented people and good organisations who were wrestling with these types of sticky problems. 

As we transition into a post-pandemic world, these experiences have prompted both organisations and employees to re-evaluate their work practices. There is a new focus on achieving more agile behaviours and different perspectives on the way that work and broader life blend together. We chose to use 'Brave Move' in our business name as we believe that the liminal space between what has been and what is next is pure gold. We seek to work with and for individuals and organisations who are bold enough to explore new possibilities, co-creating solutions which address both individual and organisational factors in the pursuit of Healthy High Performance.  Partner with us to build another way!


Our Founders


Meera Craston


Meera is a highly experienced and respected Senior Leader and Executive Coach, with a passion for empowering individuals, teams, and organisations to thrive, make an impact, and create positive change. With a background of 20 years in public policy and not-for-profit consultancy, Meera brings a wealth of specialist skills to NBM, including strategic, operational & commercial leadership, and evaluation, impact measurement and policy/strategy design expertise.  

Prior to co-founding NBM, Meera was the Executive Director of the UK Evaluation Society, and the Co-Lead (Senior Director) of the Policy and Evaluation Unit at Ipsos UK. This involved commercial & delivery responsibilities, and leading the people, talent development, and cultural aspects of the Unit. Meera currently holds a portfolio of roles, which include Executive Coaching, Advisory work in the Evaluation and Consulting space and serving as a Trustee at New Philanthropy Capital.

Cherrie Daley_edited.jpg

Dr. Cherrie Daley


Cherrie is a Chartered Psychologist & Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS) with two decades of experience in elite sport including roles at the English Institute of Sport, Rugby Football Union (RFU), British Swimming, Manchester City FC and as a Director with the global City Football Group.   Cherrie has led multi-disciplinary teams & worked with high performance athletes and leaders at the highest levels, bringing a unique perspective on what counts. 

Cherrie remains active in sport at the highest levels, combining a Non-Executive Director role at the Rugby Football League (RFL) with Psychology advisory work for sports organisations including the Premier League and Optimize Mind Performance. For the most part nowadays, Cherrie maintains engagements with both public and private sector business clients, focussing on the development of senior leadership, culture, talent and high performing teams.

Partner with us

Do you have a challenge that NBM could support you with? Are you navigating the challenges of organisational change and seeking to create and sustain Healthy High Performance in your people and teams? 

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