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Harnessing real-world experiences, your stories power our services​

Our Storytelling Tool

Our Storytelling Tool, the first tool to be released from our Work-Life-Lab, is designed to create a reflective space for individuals to share the profile of their work-life story. Collection of a high volume of stories will enable us to learn more about the diversity of work-life experiences and ultimately build valuable services.

This is V1 of our tool, which has been fine-tuned, following a series of road-tests with a small, yet diverse group of people, who provided positive and valuable feedback. Massive thank you to this group, we really appreciate your time and insights.

Why is this V1? As strong advocates of agile and evidence-informed approaches, we intend to evolve this tool and create additional tools (see pipeline below) as we learn more. We'd therefore love you to share your work-life story as well as any feedback you may have on our tool. We're always keen to hear your thoughts.

Where appropriate, we also intend to undertake a series of follow-up qualitative interviews to gain deeper insights about specific experiences (see pipeline below).

As we build the NBM evidence-base, we will share our discoveries with those of you who want to keep in touch. You can sign up to hear more HERE and/or there's also an opportunity to do so at the end of our Storytelling Tool. Thanks so much for supporting us, we can't wait to hear your work-life stories.


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Work-Life Deep Dive

We recognise the value of getting under the skin of the work-life profiles we are collecting in our Storytelling Tool, to understand how, why and in what context particular stories were experienced. As a result, we intend to undertake a series of follow-up qualitative interviews with a sample of people that complete our tool to gain deeper insights about specific experiences.

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Org Work-Life Tool

Would your organisation benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of the work-life states experienced within your org and what is contributing to this? Does your organisation want to support people to avoid exhaustion and burnout but not know where to begin? Next on our to-do-list is the co-creation of our 'Org Work-Life Tool' that will provide org-specific work-life insights. 

Co-creating solutions

Have you got a sticky problem in this space that you'd love to get some advice on? Are you a business leader, OD, HR or People professional with an idea you would like to work with us to shape? Could you benefit from co-creating bespoke tools and interventions to address challenges in your world?

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